Divisible corner wheels

The divisible overhead conveyor corner wheel is made out of corrosion resistance materials and can be executed with many different idler or toothed wheels. This results in a wide range of divisible corner wheels that can be used in all production areas.

Divisible corner wheelsMain advantages of our divisible corner wheels:
  – Interchangeable with OEM
  – Easy to replace
  – Separate components available, for cost effective maintenance
  – 100% corrosion resistance due to stainless steel and synthetic materials
  – Suitable for all diameters of corner wheels
  – Suitable for all brands of overhead conveyor systems
  – Smooth operation due to multiple ball bearing system
  – Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces
  – Fully closed system
  – Low bacteria adhesion
  – Long life span

We supply all kinds of corner wheels,

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Divisible corner wheels compatible with Meyn

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Note: to show the contours of the idler wheel, it is shown in natural colour instead of black.