Double click trolleys

Double click trolleys

Double click trolleys compatible with MeynThis generation of trolleys has something very special. Our click trolleys are no ordinary click trolleys. They are an improved, double click trolley.

In this double click trolley spontaneous release is prevented by two locking mechanisms, which insures continuous and trouble free operation.

Our double click trolleys have smooth surface and no brand names or cavaties. This ensures a very low bacteria adhesion. Food safety starts here.

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Double click trolley compatible with Meyn


Double click trolley compatible with Stork


Double click trolley for tube track


  • Suitable for high speed lines
  • Improved double click mechanism prevents spontaneous release
  • Reinforced glass fibre, light weight resulting in:
  • Lower power consumption
  • Longer lifespan on the chain
  • Pins for centering trolley on the chain
  • Double row S.S. ball bearings, smooth running, less resistance
  • Extreme low bacteria adhesion due to:
    • No cavities
    • No protruding bolt and nut 
    • Smooth surface
    • No brand names
    • No production marks