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Sprocket chain wheel 1/2" Z=12 | GH.10.024

Sprocket chain wheel 1/2" Z=12

Sprocket chain wheel 1/2" Z=12 bore=16 incl. keyway

Available in different variations (Z=12, bore=16 pictured):

Z=12, bore=16: GH.10.024 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.009.00
Z=14: GH.10.029 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.005.00
Z=14, bore=25: GH.10.031 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.008.00
Z=15: GH.10.025 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.010.00
Z=16, bore=25: GH.10.026 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.093.00
Z=16, bore=20: GH.10.027 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.012.00
Z=20: GH.10.033 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.006.00
Z=25, bore=25: GH.10.032 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.007.00
Z=29, bore=25: GH.10.030 | OEM nr: 0125.0001.264.00
Z=32, bore=20: GH.10.028 | OEM nr: 0990.A504.004.00
Z=40, bore=20: GH.10.034 | OEM nr: 0125.0001.425.00

  • Compatible with:Meyn
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